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SEO for Small Businesses

A little whil ago Lee Gilbert (one of the UK’s leading SEO experts) said something to me that was so simple and yet so profound.

To find out what click this video:

One place left on LinkedIn Training

We have one place left on our LinkedIn training on 21st July. Or if you can’t make this date, then try the Swindon on on 27th July.

Here is a link

LinkedIn Training

Check out my new video…

Marketing Consultant – The secret to financial wealth

If I gave you two options:

The first option was to give you £1,000,000 today
The second option was to give you a penny today and then double that penny every day for a month (31 days).

Which option would you take?

On Day 28 that magical doubling penny would be worth £1,342,177.28.
On Day 31 would be worth £10,737,418.24.

This is the secret of compounding, of building a business upon multiple streams of income and of building your wealth based upon the same thing.

It’s amazing what those last few days do for us, isn’t it?

If you work each day in a professional and disciplined manner, then over the long run, you’ll be way ahead of those that try and become rich overnight. Read a book by my fellow Table Tennis player Matthew Syad called ‘Bounce’. The book is about which is the most important, natural ability, or hard work and it is available on Amazon.

OK I get it – An article that does not mention LinkedIn

OK, so I am going to talk about blogging! And more precisely the title for your blog posts.

Simply put – you must make sure that the posts that you are adding to your blog has a title that is key word rich.

In other words, they have key words (the words others would use when searching for you) in the title.

Take a look at my past blog post titles for example!

Online LinkedIn training and workshops

I have just read that LinkedIn is now growing at a rate of one new member per second!!! That is just awesome.

I also recently reading that by 2016 China will be the world’s No1 English speaking nation.

The world is quite definately changing.

Social Media – Is it a fad? Reading Business Review

It is always great to get some free publicity. The question is – what are you doing to encourage this type of Marketing?

Reading Business Review

LinkedIn Marketing Training – Using SEO

Understanding LinkedIn from a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) point of view.

New website to be Launched soon – The LinkedIn Training Academy

Watch out for further details. The site should be launched by mid July.

Make real money. Generate more leads with LinkedIn.

Most people on LinkedIn don’t really use LinkedIn and so make no money from it.

But as a certain bank would say – “There is another way”.

So if you want to know how to – Make real money. Generate more leads with LinkedIn, then go to The LinkedIn Academy.

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