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New Dates for 2011 Training Programme

Take a look at the new dates I have for my Social Media and other Marketing Training Workshops.

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Skills South East SME Training Funding up to £1,000

The Leadership and Management Advisory Service has supported over 10,000 business leaders in the South East Region to develop their leadership skills since 2008. The considerable success of the Service in contributing to the success and growth of businesses has led to continued support and funding from the Skills Funding Agency.

Skills South East (SSE) has been successful in securing the contract for the new service in the South West and South East Regions, following an open and competitive tender. I am delighted to say that the support to business leaders in the South East will be delivered locally by existing Leadership & Management Advisers and the team will be managed by Sue Sharpe who has led the team since December 2008.

There are some differences to the new Service nationally and a full briefing is attached. The main differences are:-

• Businesses must be able to demonstrate the potential for high and fast growth as defined in the briefing.
• Micro-businesses with at least one full time employee in addition to the business leader are eligible.
• Businesses that previously accessed funding are eligible subject to them meeting the other criteria.
• Public sector organizations, including Local Authority controlled schools, are NOT eligible.
• We cannot accept referrals directly from providers, please direct your customers to our web site or send them the attached application form.

The grant is a maximum of £1000 but must be fully matched £ for £.

For example:
• If the training programme costs £1,000 + VAT, the grant will be £500.
• If the training programme costs £2,500 + VAT, the grant will be £1000.

The grant must be used for Leadership and Management Development Solutions that develop skills to enable the applicant to fully engage and optimise the contribution of their staff and therefore grow the business. More detail is given in the briefing document attached.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team on 0845 026 4298 or e-mail

Paula Alsford
Leadership and Management Administrator
Skills South East Ltd

Sneek peek at my soon to launch LinkedIn on-line training programme

I am about to launch my new on-line LinkedIn training programme. If you are interested in being a beta tester, please let me know.

Take a look at how to build an outstanding personal profile.

Here is the problem…

Most people know what to do. They just don’t do what they know!

Let’s face it, we all know how to lose weight. It’s simple, move more and eat less. But the problem is – we don’t do what we know.

It’s the same in sales. We all know what to do to make more sales, but we don’t do it:

1. Make more calls
2. Follow up until they die, or buy
3. Improve what we say
4. Develop how we say it

I know there are more skills, tallents and traits that we need to be a truely outstanding sales person and each one of these is a COI (a Categary of Improvement). Or an area we need to focus on in order to grow and improve.

So my question to you is – Are you doing to take action, get some training and put it onto action in order to grow your business?

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