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Test your headlines

One thing that most SME’s fail to do is to test different headlines, in order to improve the result’s that they achieve. I have managed to improve results for my client from 25% up to over 1,000% increase just by testing an headline.

What headlines can you test? Your advertisements, e-mails, sales letters, website pages, blogs, social media posts, etc.

In essence, by testing different headlines, you will almost certainly get different results. So test, test and test again, in order to improve your ROI.

The 18 rules of business success – Rule No5

In 2011 there are no excuses for not knowing your marketing numbers! Numbers like:

The number of enquiries you get each month
Your conversion rate to sale
Your average unit of sale
The number of people who are visiting your website
The number of people that you need to visit your website in order to get an enquiry
The percentage of clients who refer you to others

Etc, etc, etc.

I look at it this way – If you fail to quantify your marketing, how can you test and change things in order to improve your numbers?

And yet most small business do not have a clue what their marketing numbers are!

The 18 Rules of Success – Rule 4

What is stopping you being successful?

Is it the economy?
Is it the government?
Is it because you don’t understand the internet?
Is it the media?
It it your competition?
Is it the recession?
Is it a lack of money?
Is it a lack of time?

Rule No4 is to stop making excuses. Successful people know ‘if it is to be, then it is up to me’. Make money and not excuses. You have the same amount of time as Bill Gates and Richard Branson and you probably statered out with more money than both of them!

The 18 rules os success – Rule 3

Marketing Consultant
Do the most important thing first. What is the most important thing that you need to do to grow your Business? You know the answer – Get more leads and convert more of those leads into sales, or put another way Sales & Marketing.

So do the most important thing first, your marketing. When do most SME businesses do their marketing? When they have got the time. In fact, more of them do it only when they have nothing else to do and so it never really gets done.

Something to think about?

AAA Animal Hotel

The AAA Animal Hotel has won the Princes Trust award for business; it is one of the leading businesses on Tyne and Wear and is a demonstration of what is truly possible in a small business. By being truly outstanding, outstanding results can be achieved.

1. Start your business with the end in mind
2. Do what customers want
3. Offer additional services in order to increase your average unit of sale
4. Conduct regular surveys
5. Call 3 days after service – did we meet your expectations?
6. Listen to customers, ask questions
7. Provide sensational service
8. Show customer satisfaction statistics
9. Win more business from referrals by having a system
10. Work out the cost of acquiring Vs losing a customer
11. Premium pricing
12. Get people to pay up front
13. Have a customer suggestion box
14. How can you get free publicity?
15. Enter business awards
16. Have a staff training wall showing the achievements of each team member
17. Stock videos for training your staff
18. Team areas of focus – Strengths & Weaknesses
19. Introduce an innovation team
20. Introduce a £3000 innovation grants available to any member of staff without restrictions for any activity which improves business
21. 360° appraisal “weekly”
22. It is essential that the business owner works strategically on the business as well as in it
23. Produce systems manual
24. Systems produce extraordinary results
25. Look globally, not just in industry
26. One message/tip – step back and have a look at your business

For further details about growing your business go to the Profit Predictor by clicking this link. Business Growth Advice.

The 18 rules of success – No 2

You are in the sales and marketing business, so move from being a ‘doer’ to being a marketing business. ALL successful businesses are great at marketing!!!

Successful businesses are better at selling.


The 18 secrets of success – No1

Donald Trump said “if you are going to think, think BIG”. Three facts:

There is less competition at the top.
Never over estimate the competition
Small goals + a small result

What a Powerful Statement…

It is not your clients job to remember you, what you do, or how much you charge. What a powerful statement…

Split testing

Steve Mills Marketing Training UK

One way to improve the effectiveness of your marketing is to split test. Let’s say you decide to do pay per click advertising (PPC). How do you know which headline to use for your advert?

Simply do a split test.

In other words, design two different headlines and test and measure the results each headline produces. Then when you know which one pulls the best, use that one in the future. Or you might want to split test other headline to see if you can improve upon your results, even further.


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