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On-line LinkedIn Training

I hope to be launching my first On-line training programme on 1st Feb. It is called ‘How to use LinkedIn to grow your business’.

Success never comes easy

“In order to achieve great things, especially in times of uncertainty, you need commitment, perseverance, patience and a lot of guts”.

Anthony Robbins

Test, test and test again to grow your business

Test your marketing is one of the most powerful things any business can do to create exponential growth.  Listen to me Steve Mills talk about how businesses can test in order to improve the performance of any and every type of marketing and sales performance.

Email marketing tips

Ten top tips for making your email Marketing Campaign effective

Want to do some email marketing but not sure where to start? Follow the tips below to help make sure your email campaigns get through the spam filters and generate positive results.

  • Get permission
    To ensure compliance with Data Protection legislation make sure your email marketing is permission-based which means you need the customer’s consent to contact them. This includes allowing them to unsubscribe at any point from receiving correspondence from you. To build up your contacts database, collect email addresses from your customers at every opportunity!
  • Plan your campaign
    What do you want to get out of your email campaign? If you want to increase sales, think about how to achieve this. Will you make special offers designed to appeal to specific groups of customers? Do you want to invite customers to an exclusive event?
  • Call to action
    Include a call to action in every email you send. For example you could invite customers to download discount vouchers, purchase a discounted product online, or agree to attend an event.
  • Links
    Make sure you have links to your website so customers can find out more about individual offers. By monitoring customer click-throughs you will be able to measure your campaign’s success.
  • Subject line
    The subject line has a major influence on whether recipients open and read emails. Keep it short and avoid using CAPS, exclamation marks or words like ‘free’.
  • Design
    Make sure your design works! An HTML design will make your email look more professional, but if you don’t get it right, it will fail to render correctly across all inboxes or will get caught in spam filters. If in doubt, try using the free templates provided by email marketing solutions such as dotMAX
  • Targeting
    Targeting will ensure your email marketing sends the right content to the right people at the right time. By tailoring email content to different customer groups, you will significantly increase your chances of success.
  • Experiment
    Find out what works. Consider doing some split testing, by sending slight variations on your email to different customer groups. For example, find out what happens if you change the sender’s name from male to female, or use a different subject header, or send the same email at different times.
  • Deliverability
    Believe it or not, the main obstacle you will face is getting your email into your customers’ inbox! ISPs delete billions of emails each day. Make sure you choose an Email Service Provider with good deliverability rates.
  • Measurement
    Measurement is the key to future success. By finding out how many emails were delivered and opened, and which links customers clicked on within the email, you can fine-tune your next campaign.

LinkedIn Training – 25th January 2011

Steve Mills – Marketing Skills Training

TrainingI have just completed my LinkedIn workshop at Newbury College today and dispite the snow preventing a few people from attending, most people made it and the feedback I received was very kind.

So much so, that I have decided to do it again on Tuesday 25th January 2011.  For further information and booking details to to Marketing Skills Training

Marketing your Business on You Tube

You Tube is a great way for SME’s to market their businesses.  Not only is You Tube ‘very’ Google Freindly, so your videos gets good placing on Google, but you can also use your video’s in so many different ways, including:

  1. Email marketing
  2. On your website
  3. Through social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn
  4. SEO on You Tube to ensure you get good listings
  5. Your Blog

To learn how to do this simply come to my Social Media Training Day.  Go to Marketing Skills Training for further details.

Most people aren’t really happy, but they aren’t unhappy enough to do anything about it

“Most people aren’t really happy, but they aren’t unhappy enough to do any thing about it. That’s a dangerous place to be.”
Tony Robbins

I find this so true in business. Most business owners are earning just about enought to pay the bills and keep the Wolves from the door. They do not invest in the two things that can give them everything that they want.

They are – Marketing and themselves.

In my opinion I thinks this is one of the most powerful, important and true statements that I have ever read.

Raising her Game

Jemma Fowler

Jemma who is our Business Development Manager recently found herself with a new challenge.  Rock climbing!  She was recently invited to take part in ‘indoor rock climbing’ at a local Leisure Centre.  She complained of being a little nervous and of aching the following day.

But deep down we think she enjoyed it and felt quite proud of herself.  And rightly so…

Will 2011 be the same as 2010 for you?

Most people go into business with the aim of making money. At the simplest level, this means making more money than you spend.  But how many of us make money without making a profit?  If this is the case in your business, then in essence you are a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation.

As the old saying goes “income is vanity, profit is sanity”.  Many of us confuse making a profit with income. As a result we don’t understand why our income isn’t getting us ahead of the game and why the bank won’t extend our credit!  For many people their business is their pension and like many pensions the business is not looking likely to provide the income required come retirement.

So how can we improve our profitability, stay competitive, increase cash flow and generally become more effective?

Here are a few suggestions that should get you working in the right direction.

  1. Become the best at what you do
  2. Know your customers
  3. Have a plan for recruiting new customers
  4. Charge what you are worth
  5. Maximise your cross selling and up selling opportunities
  6. Build continual streams of income
  7. Track your profit and not just your income
  8. Make sure your clients are fully aware of everything you sell
  9. Train your sales team, or yourself in sales
  10. Follow up immediately
  11. Have a systematised referral process
  12. Give away things free
  13. Use a variety of routes to market and don’t just rely on referrals, or any other form of marketing
  14. Ensure you test different offers, headlines, targets
  15. Don’t waste money on non direct marketing campaigns.  Save that for those with deep pockets
  16. Don’t forget to ask more than once
  17. Link your marketing to the current news
  18. Use endorsements
  19. Use a system for creating and closing leads
  20. And last, but by no means least – define your Unique Selling Point (USP) and make sure you think about the U.  Saying you provide great customer service and you are the best at what you do is not unique.  Everyone says that, but in reality, things are often very different.

The question to ask that will help you to grow your business is a very simple one.  How can we improve….?

Obviously if you need any advice with this, or you would like a free marketing review meeting, we would be more than happy to help.  Just give me a call on 0118 930 5700.

LinkedIn Training

We are getting lots of people booking on to our pre Christmas training session called:

‘How to win business using LinkedIn’

It is on 20th December from 9.00am to 12.30pm and is only £59.00 + VAT.  For further details go to Marketing Skills Training.

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