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The Most Stupid Statement Ever…


I wish I had a pound for every time a business owner has said to me something like – “One day when I can afford it, I will get in touch with you, so that you can help me to grow my business”. Do you know what? It very rarely happens!

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is when they say “I need to cut back on my marketing at the moment, because times are tough”.

I am sorry, but that is the MOST STUPID, IDIOTIC STATEMENT EVER. It is the antithesis of what businesses should do and I have heard it many times from business owners.

Just think about what is being said! What a business owner is saying is:

“I don’t have enough sales at the moment, so what I am going to do is to cut down on the very thing that is bringing sales into my business”.

I am not saying that saving money is a bad thing to do, but cutting the number of leads you generate is.

What you do need to cut is the marketing money you are wasting. To do that you must be measure what is working and what is not (but that is another story).

Look at it this way. In sport when times are tough a real champion produces his, or her best performance. In business when times are tough you need to invest in marketing and in yourself.

So don’t lock the door after ‘the horse has bolted’. In fact feed her, so that she will not want to bolt.

What do I mean?

Does the Government need to cut spending? Of course it does. It needs to stop, or reduce the amount of money it is wasting, but it also needs to invest money into initiatives that will help the country to grow. Small businesses need to do the same. you need to stop wasting money on marketing that is not working. you also need to invest more time, money and effort in the marketing that does work.

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Marketing training UK

I have just completed two days Marketing and Lead Generation Training at ‘The Henley Management School’ in Henley on Thames. I was just thinking about how important it is when running seminars to hold them in a venue which relays the quality of the event.

Everyone who attended commented about the venue and how much they enjoyed being there. I too really enjoy my days working at The Henley Management School.

So my question for those of you who are running events, seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions is – does your venue befit your event? Is it interesting, or unusual, or outstanding in some way. Or is it held at a ‘run of the mill’ hotel?

If it is you might want to considering finding a great new venue. Click this link for details of my cutting edge workshops Marketing Training UK.

Lack of Quantification

My thoughts on one of the main reasons small businesses fail.

The world is changing

“The world is no doubt changing and as a business you can either embrace that change, or you may never reach the true potential of your business.”

Steve Mills

Far too many businesses are NOT taking the actions required to grow.  This is so apparent when it comes to video on the web.  For example, did you know:

  1. Video landing pages generate four to seven times higher engagement and response rates than static text
  2. Well optimised video is fifty three times more likely than text to appear on the front of Google
  3. 68% of the to 50 internet retailers use web video
  4. 71% of internet users watch video
  5. 65% of all videos are viewed between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday
  6. 33% of middle managers under 50 view work related videos every day
  7. 26% of retail web video viewers visit the store

(1) Chris Crafton, CMO, <>  <> , reported by Target Marketing
(2) BIA/Kelsey User View study data, February 2010, reported by <>  <> .
(3) SearchEngineWatch, February 2010.
(4) Forrester Research, January 2010.
(5 ) Internet Retailer, July 2010.

And yet it is only rarely that I see video on the website of a small business.  The time for action is NOW.  Action is the key!!!

Search Engine Optimisation

Steve Mills Marketing – Rated by Google in the top 5 in the world!!!

We (Steve Mills Marketing) are now on the first page on Google under the phrase ‘Marketing consultant’.   I have to say that for a small marketing consultancy practice based in Reading this is amaizing.  To think that Google would rate our website in the top 5 websites in the world under this criteria is incredible!

I say this not to impress you, but to press upon you, that if you use highly effective SEO then amazing results can be achieved.

Waggs the Dog

Waggs my Dog

Why am I featuring a picture of my dog on my blog?  Well apart from his obvious good looks, I wanted to talk today about being different.  I often state in my talks that excellent marketing is not good enough and that your marketing must be OUTSTANDING in other words it must STAND OUT!

This picture represents an attempt by me to ‘stand out’.  How many marketing people do you know who have a picture of their pet bull dog on their website’s blog?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this is great, but it is certainly different.

So my question is – how can you ensure that you are – OUTSTANDING IN YOUR FIELD and not outstanding in a field!

Business Growth Advice


Steve Mills – MAXing your Pricing Strategy

Yesterday my family and myself went out for a meal.  The meal cost a lot more than a typical meal in a pub, or cheap restaurant.  Was it worth it?  Yes, without a doubt.

However in business, I often see the opposite.  What do I mean?  Instead of charging a quality price for a quality product, small businesses cut costs and charge less!  All over the place I see:

  • special offer breakfast
  • discounted tyres
  • 50% off hair extension
  • Get a new website for £500.

I have a question for you.  How can a business really offer you 50% off the cost of a meal, unless they were ripping you off in the first place?  The answer is either they can’t, or they have cut back on costs, staff, service, cleaning, washing up, heating, or probably all of the above.

So if I book a meeting in a cheap meeting room, I will probably get cheap service, cheap coffee, a cheap projector, a cheap lunch, with cheap food.

What business is going to survive, let alone making any money being the cheapest.  It’s funny when I ask sales people why people don’t buy, they nearly always tell me it is because of price.  What I ask anyone if they have the cheapest shoes, shirt, car, house, or tennis racket they can find, they always say no.

When I ask them – if you are taking your wife, husband, or significant other out for a meal, are you looking for the cheapest restaurant.  They nearly always say “no certainly not”.

?So from now on, start thinking about how much more you can do for your clients and how much more they would be willing to spend with you if you did.  Start creating Raving Fans instead of Satisfied Customers.

If you want to learn more click here.

Business Strategy Folder

One of the biggest mistakes most businesses make is not havng a clear written plan for their business.  There ae many reasons for this including:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of know how
  • Lack of funds
  • Lack of understanding of the importance

I have heard all of these excusss in the past and many more, but the fact is – Businesses who have a written strategic plan for their business succeed to a much higher level, than those who do not.

I have spent several months putting together a strategic planning folder for small businesses, so that small businesses owners can easily follow my step by process and produce their own strategic plan for their business.

For details click here.

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