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Government Funded Training Grants

For details of government funded training grants click the link now.

Business Growth Advice

Why hire Steve Mills as your Sales, Marketing Advisor, Coach, Mentor, or Director?

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding who can help you with your business.  But one clear FACT is:

‘If you are not an expert in Marketing in Business Growth – then you need someone who is’

So here are some great reasons why we believe hiring Steve Mills to help you to grow your business might be a good idea and certainly something for you to consider:

  1. Steve has over 28 years experience working in small businesses just like yours
  2. During this time he has helped many of these businesses to double in size and he has many real life examples of how he has helped his clients to do just that
  3. Steve is a big believer is measuring what is working and what is not.  This enables his clients to reduce their marketing waste and to turn this investment into profitable streams of income
  4. Steve believes in maximising his clients return on investment (ROI) from their current income streams, then helping them to build additional income streams onto their business
  5. Steve is a big advocate of ‘testing’.  Testing each element of a given marketing stream in order to ensure his clients are getting the best possible ROI
  6. Steve has developed systemised processes and has a variety of support programmes to meet his clients’ needs and budget
  7. Steve comes from a background as an international sportsman.  Being ‘the best in sport’ is all about attitude, dedication and desire.  Therefore Steve does everything he can including pushing, nagging, coaching and guiding his clients, to ensure that they get their actions completed on time and within budget
  8. Steve has mentors himself.  He believes in learning from the best in the world and spends an average of 1½ hours every day learning and keeping up to date with the latest thinking from the world of sales, marketing and business growth
  9. Steve is the author of five marketing books and e-books.  He has produced many CD Audio Programmes and speaks on sales and marketing at Conferences and Exhibitions for organisations such as Business Link, Chambers of Commerce, several leading Banks, Canadian High Commission, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Institute of Directors, Microsoft, Education and Business Partnership and Refer On
  10. Above all, he cares about people and helping them to succeed.  He knows that the more successful his clients are, the more successful he will be.

For further details about Steve and how he may be able to help your business,

go to, or call Steve, or his team on 0118 930 5700.

Using Social Media to Grow your Business

Steve Mills Marketing TV

Check out my new video on Social Media.  It only last’s about 3 mins and you can access it by clicking video link.

Future experience now!

Steve Mills

Why don’t people buy?  The ‘Institute of Sales and Marketing’ of which I am a fellow, states that the number one reason is – The fear of making a mistake.

And the larger the sale, the bigger the fear!

So the next questions is – how can you reduce the fear of buying your products, or services?

There are many ways including:

  • Guarantees
  • Better than rish free guarantees
  • Risk reversal
  • Easy refunds
  • 30 day trial
  • Free sample
  • Free taster session
  • 50% off your first order
  • Bring a freind and get in free
  • Etc, etc

However today I am going to focus on one very powerful question.

“How can you give your customer an experience of the effect that they are going to get when they are a client, before they become a client?”

Again there are many answers to this question.  Some of the ideas I have used include:

  • Offering a free one hour meeting where I actually help people with their marketing
  • Provide someone with a free e-Book
  • Provide someone with a free CD of me talking at an event
  • Offering a free seminar
  • Offering to carry out a review of a certain element of their sales and marketing

My point is that there are lots of opportunities and the more you can lower the barrier to entry, the more sales you will make.

What can you do to make it easier for someone to buy your services?

Business growth advice

Steve Mills

In order to acheive exponential growth in a business it is important to continue to learn.   I don’t know about you, but it just makes sense.

The better you get at sport, the better your knowledge of your sport needs to be.  If you want to be world class at Tennis you need to know about how to play on different surfaces, how temperature effects the bounce of the ball and how different different balls are effected by spin.  You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponants and you need to be constantly trying to get the best out of yourself.

You also need a strong team behind you with specialist knowledge.  So what is different about business?  NOTHING!

Sure your skills are different and you need a different set of specialist people behind you.

You might need an IT, finance, business strategist, web designer, or search engine optimisation expert.  You may also need marketing coach and mentor, or Marketing Director like me to guide and coach you.  If you do, click this link.

Generate sales leads

Steve Mills

When I speak in front of hundreds, or sometime thousands of other businesses I often ask them what is the biggest problem that they are having with their marketing?  And it nearly always comes down to one thing and that is ‘not generating enough leads’.

Now there are several things to consider in lead generation.

1.  The cost of the lead

2. The lead conversion rate

3. The value of the lead.

I am often asked “what is the one thing I need to do to generate leads?”.  My message is always the same.  “Don’t rely on one thing.  Build your business based on multiple streams of income”.

In other words make what you are doing better and more profitable.  Then build additional streams of income to to what you allready do.

To listen to my thoughts on how to build your business based on some of my ‘Marketing without Money’ strategies listen to me being interviewed live in front of over 1,000 business owners.

Call 0118 930 5700 now and ask for a free copy of my Marketing without Money CD.

Business Growth Advice

Most businesses spend far too much time trying to grow their business by winning new customers.

This is the hardest, most expensive and time consuming way of growing a business.

Take a look at this web page to see how your business could be transformed by building it on multiple streams of income.

Go to Profit Predictor NOW!

Business development strategy

I recently read a great article by Peter Thomson on his weekly email.  It said “Write down everything you spend time doing.  Then write down the top three things that give you the best results.  Then list them one to three.  Then spend more time doing these things.

I love this!  Simple, but brilliant.  Or should it be, simply brilliant?

Business coaching services

Many years ago I used to play Table Tennis at International level.  My aim was always to be the World Champion.  In truth, I did not get to this level but I did once beat the world No4.

During my late teens and early 20’s I realised that I could not achieve my goal with out the help of others.  I needed a coach, a mentor, people to partner with, and most of all a team behind me.

Many years on, I know the same is true in my business.  I know I need expertise to coach and mentor me on the financial side of my business and I need a strong team round me to help me to grow.

Let me ask you a question.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being low, 5 being average and 10 being high.  What is the level of sales and marketing expertise in your business?

For most business owners the answer is at best 5.  Let’s face it most business owners go into business because they are good at doing the work of the business, not because they enjoy, or are good at selling the services the business provides.

When you also consider that most businesses go bust within 5 years (and that was before the recession).  It is perhaps no surprise that many business owners do not have the required skills to grow their businesses.

So the real question is – how can small business owners access this high level expertise at an affordable rate?  For one option go to this link now.

Sales Training UK

Over the past thirty years I have spoken to literally thousands of business owners and directors.  I have done this through meetings, training, mentoring and speaking at local, regional and national exhibitions, events and seminars.

During my talks I have often asked my audiences if they are responsible for sales within their business and normally 98% of people put their hands up to say yes.

When I then ask those same people if they have completed any sales training in the past five years, about 80% of these people say no!

Now that scenario has happened to me hundreds of times over the years and it constantly amazes me to realise that a small business owner would risk his, or her house, business, income, family and livelihood to someone who has no training at all.

Something to think about?

Click on this link to find out about our sales lead conversion training.

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